Friday, January 16, 2009

I met with Marty Esquivel and Jon Barela

The meeting occurred Friday, last. I have not written about it
because I felt it was a work in progress.

I think now, we are done.

I went to Mr. Barela and Mr. Esquivel to propose that
they be the motion and the second, to put

APS administrative standards and accountability
on the table for an honest and open public discussion
before the upcoming school board elections.

There is a need. Every recent audit of the leadership of the APS
has pointed to significant standards and accountability issues.

They were asked to place standards and accountability on
the table for discussion.

In so far as any answer except yes, means no,
their answer is no.

I told Mr. Barela that,
rather than me trying to
articulate his position,
he was welcome to post
a comment on this post.

I will copy any response
into the post, so that everything
is on the same page.

Mr. Esquivel has the same opportunity.

photos Mark Bralley

Update; Neither Esquivel nor Barela chose to respond to this opportunity to explain, defend, deny, or even acknowledge their position.

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