Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blogosphere, step up.

The outrage of the cameras being pulled down in Santa Fe
was not reported in the newspapers.

It was reported in the blogosphere by Steven Terrell. link

The newspapers will never encourage the people to rise up
and demand that the cameras not only be reinstalled,
but that they be turned on.

I believe that the blogosphere could lead in that encouragement.

A friend offered that, Terrell can't incite to riot, because
he is a Journalist, and his credibility as a Journalist
would be compromised by taking a side in the fight.

Why not let his readers be the judge?

Is it impossible to report the news candidly, forthrightly and
honestly, while at the same time standing up for what
you believe in?

We have the appearance of a conflict of interest.
The problem is addressed by full disclosure;
it is no longer a problem.

Terrell could ask his readers to join him on the capital steps,
and then report upon how many people showed up,
and upon their effect.

So could Monahan.

So could Haussamen.

So could the Duke City Fix.

What if every blogger in New Mexico, offered their readers
an opportunity to gather together , and storm the castle?

What if every blogger offered their readers an opportunity
to gather together, all together,

to take back control over power and resources that are
fundamentally their own?

What if every blogger brought their few, to join the many?

... what if?

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