Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is MY house.

As I was "testifying" during the public forum at the Governmental Restructuring Task Force, the conversation came around to the fact the the New Mexico State Legislature excepts itself from accountability to the New Mexico Open Meetings Act.

A senator was pointing to the "in secret" caucus meetings, and arguing that they were appropriately denying the people any opportunity to participate meaningfully.

I wasn't ready to defend my right to participate meaningfully in caucus meetings of either party - depending on where they are held.

Upon reflection then;

The Roundhouse is my house.

There will be no "in secret" meetings,
meetings where in I am denied meaningful participation,
in my house, without my specifically expressed permission.

It is I, and the citizens of New Mexico, who will determine what truths will and will not be told. The prerogative is ours, and ours alone.

If you insist on betraying our trust by deliberating our interests without our meaningful participation,

do it somewhere else,

you will not do it in our house.

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