Wednesday, July 07, 2010

APS' "Ethical Advocate" a sham.

APS continues to pretend that whistle blowers have an honest venue for reporting the misconduct of their superiors, as they announce yet another forwarding mailbox for whistle blower complaints; "Ethical Advocate", link. A forwarding mailbox adds nothing to the process except for a guarantee of anonymity.

Anonymity is important; a recent audit of the leadership of the APS revealed a culture of fear of retribution and retaliation against those who make waves.

While anonymity is provided to whistle blowers, due process for their complaints is not.

Of what good is the ability to make a complaint, anonymously or otherwise, if the complaint will not see due process? A complaint filed against the administration through Ethical Advocate is forwarded to the administration for adjudication. The appearance of a conflict of interest casts a dark shadow on the process.

On paper, there is a check and balance; school board policy requires the board to review and approve any whistle blower complaints (read; all whistle blower complaints) that have been self-adjudicated by the administration.

In fact, they have yet to review even one. There are now at least 200 complaints behind and have no intention, apparently, of living up to their obligation, ever.

Audit Committee Chair David Robbins, in response to a complaint that he is violating School Board Policy by denying due process to whistle blower complaints, will say only;
"we are not violating Federal law".

Small consolation to those who
have been denied due process.

The school board's betrayal of the public trust, manifest in their denial of due process for whistle blower complaints, is the subject of an active investigation by the Office of the State Auditor.

photo Mark Bralley

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