Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Practicing nepotism? turn yourself in!

KRQE reports, link; County Manager Thaddeus Lucero has told County Supervisors, if they are practicing nepotism, they are expected to expose their corruption, or suffer the consequences.

Good luck with that one, Thad.

Lucero is on a learning curve; apparently this whole nepotism in County hiring practices hadn't yet occurred to him.

“We've learned from it and that's what we're trying to do now is really learn,” said Lucero.

Admitting he made a mistake in the Dantis nepotism case, Lucero offered;

“What can we do to correct it to make sure it doesn't happen again”

Gee Thad, that would be swell!

It could be argued that Lucero still doesn't get it;

“In hindsight yes, I probably would have said he needed to be transferred,” said Lucero. (emphasis added to highlight the absurdity in his statement)

KRQE reports;
If employees don't respond or they're not honest they may be disciplined ... (emphasis added to highlight the absurdity in the situation, and the lack of any real hope that anything will ever really change)

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