Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Denish's promise to tell the truth "tomorrow"

Lt Gov Diane Denish would have voters believe that, despite the relatively powerless and largely ceremonial nature of the Office she holds, that she was instrumental in the opening of the Sunshine Portal.

Except, there is no sunlight coming in through the portal,
it will not open for nearly a year.

There is only one apparent reason to not publish the ethically redacted truth about the spending of the public trust and treasure as it becomes available, and that is to allow the corrupt and the incompetent nearly two years to cover their tracks.

There is no technological nor fiscal reason that the most of the data cannot be published rather immediately.

If there is any other reason, Denish has not articulated it.

If a person comes to you and asks;
will you trust me? and you respond;
will you promise to tell me the truth?

And their answer is
I promise to tell you the truth tomorrow;
why in the world would you trust them today?

photo Mark Bralley

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