Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Baa Baa

Writer; A.A. wondered in a letter to the Journal's Sound Off if the sheep in the Bernalillo County Seal, represent taxpayers who find themselves the victims of one scam after another in a system that tolerates and enables corruption and incompetence, dealing with either only when when someone gets caught, and they are given no other choice.

Where is an aggressive and proactive effort to prevent corruption through transparent accountability to unequivocal and meaningful standards of conduct and competence for politicians and public servants within their public service?

Where are the independent standards and accountability audits?

The Journal editors wondered the same thing in their editorial, link, Can We Become More Proactive About Theft?

Can is the wrong word. Of course we can, the question is will we? Will we ever see independent and impartial review of the standards and accountability that are supposed to protect us from being fleeced by corruption and incompetence?

The Journal did not, apparently, ask that question of Bernalillo County leadership. Nor did they ask it of City of Albuquerque leadership. Nor of the leadership of the UNM. Nor of the leadership of the APS.

If they did ask ask, the answer would be no. Actually, they
wouldn't actually say no, they just wouldn't answer at all;

which means the same thing.

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