Friday, July 02, 2010

APS Senior Administrator implicated in fraud.

Taxpayers are the losers again do to APS' lack of internal oversight. APS' fleet manager has been charged with four felony counts of fraud, link.

APS Supt Winston Brooks promised stakeholders a "full audit", but only of that department.

There will be an audit of course (one hopes), but then what?
Specifically what will become of the audit results? If Brooks
performs according to past practice, the audit results will be
secreted from stakeholders in order to limit the fallout.

APS is still hiding the results of the investigations into corruption in the APS Police Department more than three years ago, link.

An APS senior administrator, Maintenance and Operations Director John Dufay, has been implicated. According the Journal and the criminal complaint; Dufay was aware of the fraud.

Brooks intends to fire the fleet manager saying; "I am taking no prisoners." and "I have zero tolerance for people who steal money from the school district."

It remains to be seen how much tolerance he has for the fellow good ol' boy who (allegedly) knew of the corruption and didn't step up.

The senior administrators implicated in the corruption in the police department were sent off with glowing recommendations and/or "retired with honors".

The solution of course is, an honest to God, independent audit of standards and accountability in the entire leadership of the APS, an audit that Brooks and School Board President Marty Esquivel steadfastly refuse to commission.

The Journal steadfastly refuses to follow up on its own story, linked above, and report to stakeholders that evidence of felony criminal misconduct involving APS senior administrators is yet to be turned over to the DA's Office for prosecution, three years later.

Statutes of limitation in prosecuting criminal misconduct
involving APS senior administrators have expired long since.

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