Monday, July 19, 2010

Overall, it sucks to be a New Mexican in business

Tip of the hat to Rob Nikolewski at Capital Report for calling our attention to a CNBC report, link, on the business friendliness of states.

Not surprisingly, New Mexico doesn't fare well. At best, we rank 18th in "transportation and infrastructure"; at worst we rank 45th in "business friendliness"; and on average, we rank 38th overall in the ten categories measured in the poll.

We rank 44th in education.

Here are ten specific issues upon which we could compare and contrast the Gubernatorial Candidates;

  1. Business
  2. Workforce
  3. Quality of Life
  4. Economy
  5. Transportation & Infrastructure
  6. Technology & Innovation
  7. Education
  8. Business Friendliness
  9. Access to Capital
  10. Cost of Living
if only we could get them to face each other on issues
rather than in attack ads.

It is Blogger Monahan's appraisal, link, that the two aren't facing off because Lt Gov Diane Denish, in person, is mundane and spiritless, and because DA Susana Martinez is not well versed in the full gamut of issues.

It is my opinion that they are not facing off because they really don't care what voters want from them; face to face, toe to toe, eyeball to eyeball interactions that will show us what we need to know to elect the better of them in November.

They would rather hire "campaign professionals" to help them manipulate voters by exploiting their naivete and lack of sophistication, according to tried and true campaign strategies independent of the candid, forthright and honest discussions to which voters are entitled.

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