Friday, July 30, 2010

Bernalillo County administrative bloat grows?

According to the Eye on Albuquerque, link, County Manager Thaddeus Lucero is "overworked" and needs to create a new position under his to help carry the weight.

In an email to County Commissioners, Lucero wrote;

As you know, under the current County Management structure there are four departments, IT, Human Resources, Economic Development and PIO, reporting directly to me. Over the past several months I have been giving thoughtful consideration to the overall structure. In order to improve and enhance operations I will re-establish a previously existing division-Administrative Services-which will have IT, HR, Economic Development and Public Information under its umbrella. I will appoint Renetta Torres, current HR Director to be Administrative Services Deputy County Manager. As I have previously indicated, this will not involve the creation of a new position.(emphasis added)
The position that Lucero is (not) creating, has existed before, but has not been filled for at least a decade.

I submit that Lucero is not being candid, forthright and honest with Commissioners, and further that, he should be held accountable for his lack of candor, forthrightness, and honesty.

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