Saturday, July 24, 2010

Denish hides news releases

Diane Denish has published a number of news releases during her tenure as Lt Governor. They used to be readily available to stakeholders who wanted to review them; they are no longer.

They have been hidden away, accessible only on a case-by-case, news release-by-news release basis, through her chief of staff, Joshua Rosen .

According to Heath Haussamen, link, Rosen informed him that the news releases have not been hidden for "political reasons" despite the fact that hiding them creates an obvious political advantage for Denish.

Denish and her running mate, Brian Colon, would love to pretend that the Richardson administration, with all its public corruption and incompetence, simply did not exist.

Well, it did, and they were standing there doing (virtually) nothing while the cesspool swirled around them. The news releases do not address Denish's efforts to engage the culture of corruption in war; they address what she was doing instead; everything that was of a higher priority than fighting for the public interests against those who would betray them. What is not in the press releases, is a compelling reason to hide them, to make them inaccessible.

Rosen apparently told Haussamen that he would furnish to him, any press releases he asked for on an individual basis. Why would Rosen want to waste his time by placing himself in the middle of a process that functioned well without him - why burn up his time doing something that could be done without him?

I have asked for responses from Denish('s Office) before and been ignored; I have little faith that Rosen will turn over anything willingly, that falls under the category of "inconvenient truth".

All of which begs a question; if Denish is not willing to be candid, forthright and honest with us during her campaign, why should we believe she will be candid, forthright and honest with us if she is elected, has even less reason to be cooperative, and is even less accountable for her unwillingness to be responsive?

There cannot be government for the people, of the people, and
by the people, which is also secret from the people.

It is time to turn the truth hiders out of office,
not to elect them into office.

photo Mark Bralley

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