Saturday, July 17, 2010

If Richardson cared about Denish

Gov Bill Richardson('s administration) is prepared to sign a lucrative contract with a man/company who has donated heavily to Democrats in general, and Richardson in particular, link.

It looks, walks, and quacks like pay to play, with an administration whose stock and trade reeks of pay to play allegations.

Gubernatorial Candidate Diane Denish has taken a campaign contribution of $5,500 from the same donor. So far, no public statement separating her from the stink.

No evidence has been presented linking her to any discussion of the plan to let the contract to a sole bidder and campaign donor. Nor has any evidence been presented that, she intends exercise her authority, if elected, to void the contract and reopen bidding with the intention of protecting taxpayer interests by encouraging more than one bid on the contract.

If she stated that intention now, she could end the surmise that the pay to play stink in the Richardson administration will continue in the Denish administration. She wouldn't even have to give back the $5,500 dollar donation.

For whatever reason, she does not seem so inclined. Perhaps
she figures she can just ride out the news cycle, keeping the
donation and allowing the contract to be let to a major donor;
a win win for Denish and Gerald Murphy dba Spectacular Attractions, though a lose lose for taxpayers and fair goers.

Richardson could spare her, her travail by announcing that
the lone bid will not be accepted and allow the next Governor
to begin the process anew.

He could, if he cared about Denish more than he cares about
Murphy and his money.

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