Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dantis party déjà vu, or another party a la Aragon?

When former state Senator Manny Aragon left for prison, there was a going away party. Many prominent politicians were in attendance. They were apparently willing to forgive and forget the fact that he had utterly betrayed the trust placed in him by New Mexicans.

Not everyone was so willing to celebrate his departure to prison. Republican bigwig Pat Rogers observed at the time, link,

"It makes me sick."
"I can't believe there are people who are so stupid, brazen or whatever ... who would go to a party for a person who epitomizes corruption."
"I'm stunned that with the bribes, the corruption, all the stuff that's going on, it's incredible that so many people would turn out at a party for a guy who's going to prison,"
Rogers worried there's apparently "a level of acceptance for this stuff" among some New Mexico civic and political leaders.

Does the level of acceptance continue, or is it just seem that way; déjà vu? wikilink.

There will be a going away party, in County Commission Chambers for "retiring" Deputy County Manager John Dantis, link.

As an aside, wouldn't you love to know;
of the guests at Aragon's soiree, how many
will be guests at Dantis' as well?

One might argue; when someone in engaged in longtime public corruption or incompetence, not only should they be held accountable (pink slip), but the person above them in the chain of command should be held accountable as well (cake and punch?). It speaks to the concept of "supervise". We are after all, compelled to trust "supervisors" with protecting our power and resources by the ferreting out the corruption and incompetence in their subordinates and mitigating the damage they do.

When are we going to start holding accountable, not only those who get caught, but those who enabled their corruption and incompetence for so long, until they got caught?

My guess is it will be sometime after "power" no longer creates "exception".

In the 38th most corrupt state in the United States,
that is going to be a while.

FYI; County Manager Thaddeus Lucero secrets still, link, the ethically redacted full investigative report of the corruption and incompetence, over which he presided.

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