Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Mexicans; too stupid to understand tax breaks.

Tax breaks are a way of life. Some people (corporations and other entities) are given tax breaks for fully defensible reasons. Some are given tax breaks for reasons which are not at all defensible.

Tax breaks for movie makers being an example. Of which,
I leave up to readers to determine.

No one seems to know what the total of tax breaks is; how much it is costing taxpayers in terms of their taxes being raised to balance the breaks being given?

41 states publish in one form or another, records of who is getting what breaks and at what cost to taxpayers.
Not surprisingly, New Mexico is not among them.

Those who oppose a public declaration of the exemptions, argue that New Mexicans are too stupid to understand the tax breaks, and/or to fully appreciate their value. They of course, don't use the word "stupid"; at least, not out loud.

Apparently both Gubernatorial candidates are prepared to share the truth with stakeholders, link.

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