Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keystone cops running the County?

It would be funny if it weren't so, well, not funny.

County residents were surprised when their suspicions were confirmed that there might be nepotism in County hiring practices. The confirmation came by means of the heavily publicized and nepotic situation between Deputy County Manager John Dantis and his son Jaime.

The Journal reports, link,
"(County Manager Thaddeus) Lucero would not say whether longtime public safety boss John Dantis has been disciplined."

In my experience "no comment" means "no consequence"
when the question is;

Will any senior administrator suffer any consequence
for their public corruption and/or incompetence?
Speaking of no consequence, according to the same Journal report, the manager, who Lucero described as having,
  • "utterly failed to fulfill his obligation as a supervisor," and
  • who was, "More importantly, ... untruthful to me during our meetings."
is still at work. He hasn't been given even the standard paid vacation that the good ol' boys grant to each other when one of them gets busted.

The County is of course, tight lipped when asked to account for their handling of "personnel problems". On the one hand, one can see a need to be circumspect when sharing details which might become points of contention in subsequent litigation.

On the other hand, the "people" have no control over County managers and supervisors; we don't hire them, we don't fire them. But we do hire and fire those who do. It is our privilege and responsibility to hire and fire County Commissioners (at election).

How do we know if County Commissioners are holding County Managers accountable for holding Deputy County Managers accountable for holding Directors accountable for holding Asst Directors accountable for holding the rank and file accountable,
if the whole thing is done in secret?

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