Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"... afraid he might sue ..."

County Manager Thaddeus Lucero said, according to the Journal, link, he was afraid to fire John Dantis for practicing nepotism, because he might file a lawsuit against the County.

APS didn't fire their Chief of Police, Gil Lovato, link, putting him on administrative leave until the end of his contract, to avoid going to court.

APS Asst. Supt. Michael Vigil was put on administrative leave rather than being fired for an arrest for aggravated DWI to avoid going to court.

APS won't fire their CFO Dupay Batemen, putting him on administrative leave until the end of a contract he will sign while on administrative leave! to avoid going to court.

Time after time, high ranking public servants are being allowed to simply retire after collecting huge sums of money while on administrative leave until the end of their contract.


Some might argue that it costs more to fire them, than to pay them a salary they no longer deserve. If that is true, then what is wrong with the system, that employees who deserve to be fired, can't be, without expensive litigation?

Another possibility exists; they are being denied their day in court, simply to deny them the opportunity to share their body maps in public. Gil Lovato said; if he ever got his day in court, if the truth ever came out, there wouldn't be a single APS senior administrator left standing!

And now we're getting somewhere; APS, three years later, is yet to surrender evidence of felony criminal misconduct in the Lovato scandal to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

Not that it would do much good; statutes of limitation have expired long since.

Which begs the question; who is watching the watchers?

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