Friday, July 30, 2010

"Family Ties" in Bernalillo County government

According to the Journal, link, 16% of Bernalillo County Supervisors have relatives working for the County. About 375 supervisors responded to the survey; 50, (12%) have not. County Manager Thaddeus Lucero "warned" supervisors that there could be consequences if they don't respond to the survey. Oooo!

Some cogent points are being missed.

The questions being asked have to do with chains of command, and whether people are under the direct supervision of relatives. While these are appropriate questions to ask, an important question is not being asked; of all of the "relatives" working for the County, were any hired (over better, or equally qualified candidates for those jobs) because of their family ties?

For example; it is clear that Jaime Dantis got his job because his father, John Dantis, was Deputy County Manager, an entirely different issue than whether or not he reported directly to his father.

Why that question is not being asked is unclear.

Apparently Lucero has been asked to strengthen the policy on hiring relatives.

As a side bar; if you would like to review County Policy on Nepotism, or an Organizational Chart for the County, you cannot; not unless you are willing to drive somewhere and look at them; they are not posted on the County's internet website.

There is also a part of the website called The Insider, which is available only to County Employees. I would be surprised to find much information behind the firewall which enjoyed any genuine exception to the NM Inspection of Public Records Act, which makes me wonder at the legitimacy of hiding it in the first place.

I don't know about you, but I am not feeling like the County Commission, et al, are protecting my interests.

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