Friday, July 09, 2010

"I don't read blogs"

Ask a (local or state) politician if they read the political blogs and they are more than likely to tell you, no.

There are exceptions, there are politicians that post comments and op-ed pieces on blogs, and are in no position to tell you they don't read them; the illogic would be hard to ignore.

Most, in my experience, will tell you they don't. Which begs an obvious question; why not?

Some will claim to be old dogs who can't learn a new trick. Some are baffled, apparently, by email as well. Begging a sub question; what place does someone, who cannot comprehend reading blogs or answering emails, have in government?

More than likely, they claim not to be reading blogs in order to avoid having to answer the questions found there on; a tougher bunch than they are asked by the legacy media.

Consider for example; Kent Walz, Journal Editor, and Marty Esquivel, School Board President, who sit together on the Board of Directors of NM FOG.

How likely is it really, that the Journal will ask Esquivel a tough question about anything, for example;

Why will he not step up as a role model of the same
standards of conduct he enforces upon students?
How much more likely that he will be asked a tough question on a blog?

How likely it is, he will avoid answering the question
by pretending he has never heard it;
because he doesn't read blogs?

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