Thursday, July 08, 2010

Going over 100,000 hits

Today, the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise,
Diogenes' Six will get it's 100,000th "hit".

Non-bloggers will probably not appreciate the meaning
of the otherwise arbitrary goal. No one who has not started
a blog and perhaps gone days with no hits at all, can fully
appreciate the feeling of reaching that goal.

It has taken 4,400 posts, and nearly 4 years; my first post went up August 15, 2006, link. I sing, for the most part, a one note song; honest accountability for politicians and public servants within their public service.

I have been successfully challenged only once, on a fact of substance; for which I offered a retraction and apology.

Currently, between 60-70% of those who arrive at Diogenes' Six either arrive by accident, or arrive and see a post they've already read, and leave after staying less than five seconds.
Less than 5% stay between 5-30 seconds,
around 10% stay between 30 seconds and five minutes,
less than 1% between 5 and 20 minutes,
between 20 minutes and one hour and,
around 15% for more than an hour.

I am grateful for their attention.

I am particularly grateful to those who take the time to
comment, especially including those who articulate an
opposing point of view. Some number have nothing to offer
but ad hominem attacks, from which I claim validation of
the argument they can refute only by attacking the messenger.

Just to keep things in perspective,
some blogs get 100,000 or more hits in a single day.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Now if all the readers would bring their torches and pitchfork to the next APS board meeting, (that is, if it is not cancelled)!

Bob Vardeman said...

100k today, 1,000k soon!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! I just discovered your blog today and plan to browse your archives at a later date. I just started a NM news site a few weeks ago and I am well aware of the challenges of getting people to visit, much less to comment. Good work.

--Lily Ribeiro (

Anonymous said...

Torches! Pitchforks! Webcams! Transparent Accountability! Thanks for your dedicated vigilance.