Friday, July 30, 2010

Denish disingenuous on jet travel

DA Susana Martinez and Lt Gov Diane Denish are sparring over the fate of the state jet; Martinez wants to sell it,

In a statement published on NM Independent, link, Denish argues;

"Many of the trips I have taken were small business forums to bring small businesses together and help them find access to capital and cut red tape. I will never stop advocating for rural New Mexico — and to advocate for rural New Mexico, sometimes you have to get out to rural New Mexico.”
She is being disingenuous. She and her apologists would have readers jump to the conclusion that in order to get to rural New Mexico, one has to fly there in an expensive private jet.

That simply isn't true; she could drive, just like every other New Mexican who wants to visit "rural" New Mexico.

It's not like she has a lot else to do - the same apologists argue that she had no responsibility to step up in the war against public corruption in state government because her only responsibilities under the state constitution are to preside over the Senate and attend a few committee meetings.

Whether or not, now is a good or bad time to be selling Richardson's toy, is a separate debate.

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