Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Winston is very intent on making this district better.”

Tracy Dingman who keeps an eye on the Journal at Abq Journal Watch, link, has a report on NMI, link, on the fund raising efforts of the APS Education Foundation.

She interviewed Phill Casaus, the Executive Director of the APS Foundation, and reports that he said;

"Winston is very intent on making this district better.”

and I are in accord.

I too believe that Winston is very intent on making this district better.

The difference between us is, Winston is intent upon doing so
while at the same time covering everybody's ass.
No heads will roll.

His first priority is that no heads will roll.

School Board heavy hitter Paula Maes came right out and
said, she will never agree to any audit that names the names
of the corrupt and the incompetent in the leadership of the APS.

She said, no heads will roll.

The district will be made better. But not as good as it could
be made. Not as good as it would be made if only improvement
was their only priority.

Which is more like to make things better?
APS telling the truth about the scandal in the APSPD and
letting heads roll, or,

APS hiding the truth about that scandal and every other,
but "intent on making the district better".

The priority must be improvement, not "covering asses".

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