Friday, September 11, 2009

Diane Denish continues to "lead"? ethics reform.

Diane Denish is up on Haussamen's site, link, again claiming that she is a "leader" in ethics reform.

Her 2001, stance against opening legislative conference committees, is explained away as a "change of attitude."

At the same time that her attitude was that stakeholders are not entitled to know what is happening with their power and their resources, other people were standing up and demanding the opportunity to exercise their right to watch their sausage being made.

How ever many of those people there were, they are in line
between Denish and the leader of the movement. There are
enough of them to put her so far out of first place as to make
the claim, she is in the lead, laughable.

What ever the standards of conduct will be, there will be no
accountability to them except if the NMAGO, SAO, and the
Ethics Commission are fully funded.

So far, the "leader" has not said a word about increasing funding to the enforcement arms of government funding enough to allow them to do some real good.

There is a real leader in reform;
it is Rep Janice Arnold-Jones.

She has actually proven
her competence, her character,
and her courage, by standing up
to powerful politicians who told
her to shut down her webcast, link.

She has actually walked the talk.

If anyone has the right to claim "leadership" in the issue of
transparently accountable government, it is she; and not the
latecomer, Diane Denish.

photos Mark Bralley

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