Friday, September 11, 2009

Did Governor Richardson "have the conn" at Elephant Butte?

NMI's Trip Jennings provided for us, a link, to "the law"
that covers what happens when you drive an 81' party boat
into some poor schlub's happiness.

Note that the link isn't actually to the law, but to an apparently
reliable third party's website;

I point to this because, my investigation lead me to a state of
New Mexico website, that looked to me like I was looking at
the actual law.

In one version, the operator of the boat must

"... give his name, address and identification of his vessel
in writing to any person injured and to the owner of any
property damaged in the collision, accident or other casualty."
( Note please, it doesn't say; have someone else give over your identification. It doesn't say have someone else's breath smelled, or blood shot eyeballs examined. )

The other (apparently official) version of the law, reads the
same, except that, that particular line is missing.

There is confusion over whether Brian Condit "broke the law" with respect to meeting with the accident victims.

According to any higher standard of conduct than the law,
for example, any code of "ethical" conduct, Condit failed to
hold himself personally accountable for his conduct and competence.

One witness reported that Condit didn't even hang around
long enough to ask in person, if he had hurt anybody.

So who had "the con"; who was "in command" all the while?

Maritime "law" not withstanding; When the question was asked;
"Oh shit, what do we do now?"
if you don't think all eyes turned to Bill Richardson,
you would be wrong.

And when the guy who had the con gave the order, it was;
"Let's get the fuck out of here!"

All pure conjecture of course; I wasn't there.

Among those who were there, two "on duty" state police officers; whose names are not listed on the "official" incident report, and whose names have yet to appear, and whose testimony is apparently yet to be gathered.

Unless there is some controverting law, their names should be listed as among those on board when the accident occurred.

Don't be surprised to find that the governors personal safety
somehow rides on keeping their names off the list.

In which case, their names should be written down, and then
a line is drawn through them before the record is made public.

Who cares about the off duty (?) conduct of the governor's
chief of staff?

Not me.

It's not so much about what
did, as it is about what
the guy who had the con

photo Mark Bralley

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