Monday, September 28, 2009

Marty Chavez' Balls not for public viewing.

There is a guest column in the Journal this morning, link.
The writer wonders what has happened with $750K generated
by ticket sales to the annual Mayor's Balls.

A local grant writer wants in on the action, but it turns out
to be a very exclusive club. In response to requests for the
public records on proceeds and grants, she claims to have
received the following response;

"There is no record of who makes funding decisions or how; there is no way to apply for this money; there are no audits; no record of donors, expenses or contributions. It is not a nonprofit nor is it an official government entity. It is a checking account. An aide and a city accountant can sign on the account."
I'm sure that this is all "perfectly legal", but it really looks bad.
Even if you could secret this information "legally", why would
you want to? What kind of charity hides the truth about who
it benefits?

Why is Marty Chavez hiding his balls? Seriously.

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