Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why is the COSO analysis and review undated?

Scour the final report, link. You will find no dates.
I haven't read the whole thing word for word, but I am comfortable reporting, you cannot find important dates in the usual places.

Nor can you find them by asking anyone in the leadership of the APS. They won't respond to the questions; when did it start, when did it end, and when did the School Board first see the results, in part or in whole?

Was it before they extended Supt Winston Brooks' contract and the cover up of the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS? Is that what they're trying to hide?

Why, if Brooks' administration is corrupt and incompetent as the analysis and review suggest, did he get another $250K golden parachute? Why did he get it after the school board election and before any member- elect could participate in the behind closed doors shenanigans?

Why won't the establishment media investigate and report upon ethics and accountability in the leadership of the APS?

Why, except that they cannot report credibly on a scandal of long standing, without acknowledging their failure to investigate and report the scandal long, long ago.

By establishment media, I mean;
Editor Kent Walz and the Journal,
News Director Sue Stephens and KOAT TV,
News Director Julie Szulczewski and KOB TV, and
News Director Iain Munro and KRQE TV.

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