Thursday, March 24, 2011

Open inquiry sent to Monica Armenta

I have made an inquiry of APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta.

I sent it via email, return receipt requested.

Ms Armenta,

This inquiry comes addressed to you because it is my impression that, that is your manifest preference.

If it is not, please advise me of such and, forward this inquiry to the appropriate office.

I would like you to identify every audit or investigation of any aspect of the administration of the Albuquerque Public Schools, done in the last 12 years, and that meets the following criteria;

Auditors found all of the following;
  1. adequate standards (regulations, policies, procedures and directives)
  2. adequate accountability to those standards, and
  3. adequate record keeping.
Again, the identity of all audits whose findings include all three.

If it is your intention to argue that the number of such audits makes my request excessive and burdensome, I will amend my request to include only the identity of one; the most recent.

Grateful as always, for your time and attention

Charles MacQuigg

photo Mark Bralley

Armenta acknowledged receipt at 10:18 am.

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