Monday, March 21, 2011

As a "political subdivision", APS is covered under the new Governmental Conduct Act.

Assuming Governor Susana Martinez signs the bill, Senate Bill 432, carried by Senator Tim Eichenberg, will expand the coverage of the Governmental Conduct Act to include all political subdivisions, including school boards.

Assuming the Bill is signed, Article 10-16-3 Ethical Principles of Public Service, will apply to the APS Board of Education and a criminal complaint can be filed on July 1st, regarding their ongoing violation of Article 10-16-3-B.

(School Board Members) shall conduct themselves in a manner that justifies the confidence placed in them by the people, at all times maintaining the integrity and discharging ethically the high responsibilities of public service.
It is the "discharging ethically" where the APS School Board is in violation of the law. Their ongoing refusal to hold themselves honestly accountable as role models of accountability to a code of ethics, is prima facie, an unethical discharge of their duties as role models of the APS Student Standards of Conduct; the Pillars of Character Counts!, link; a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct.

APS and Modrall will spend freely from increasingly scarce operational funds to litigate an escape from the consequences of their ongoing criminal misconduct. Or, business as usual.

Now all I have to do is find a prosecutor who is willing to prosecute any of the good ol' boys that run the APS.

Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg is likely of no use, as she won't even do anything about the fact that the leadership of the APS is hiding evidence of felony criminal misconduct involving senior administrators and the APS Police Department, and has been for more than four years.

photo Mark Bralley

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That's a win for us...I hope!