Friday, March 25, 2011

Armenta begins to wriggle

I have received a response to
my inquiry of APS Executive
Director of Communications
Monica Armenta.

I asked her to identify even
one single audit done in the
last hundred years, that found;

1. adequate standards, and
2. adequate accountability, and
3. adequate record keeping of the spending of public power and resources.

Armenta has responded;

Dear Mr. MacQuigg,
I understand Rigo Chavez has already responded to this request and has offered to speak with you should you have further questions.
Thank you,
Monica Armenta
I ask you;

if Rigo Chavez had ever shown me a clean audit, would I still be asking for it?

If Rigo Chavez had a clean audit to show me, wouldn't it be a lot easier to just name it than to go through this rigamarole?

If Rigo Chavez had ever admitted that the leadership of the APS hasn't had a clean audit in a hundred years, wouldn't I be showing you his admission?

I wrote back to Armenta;
You understand incorrectly.

Rigo Chavez has not already responded to this request. I am not sure who might have misinformed you, but to my best recollection, I have never sent this request to him, ever.

I really do not care to speak with him anyway, he steadfastly refuses to accommodate my disabilities and insists upon snail mailing every response, though I have asked him repeated for electronic responses and records.

I also do not believe I can enter spaces anywhere around your office without being harassed by the APS Police and apparently, being accused of "stalking" you.

In any case, I would rather an answer in writing in order that there be an incontrovertible record of was actually said.

Perhaps you could just go ahead and name the audit.
Will Rigo Chavez not tell you the name of the audit and when it was done?

Or you could just admit in writing, that the leadership of the APS has never in a hundred years, had an audit without findings of; inadequate standards and/or, inadequate accountability and/or, inadequate record keeping.

grateful for your time and attention

which, as they say, puts the ball back in her court.
Though her hand off to Chavez could mean, she hasn't
the stomach for the game.

photo Mark Bralley

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