Wednesday, March 02, 2011

APS plows Brooks driveway; newsworthy?

The Journal devoted around 12 column inches this morning,
link, to an "investigation" into the snow plowing of APS Supt
Winston Brooks driveway. I wonder, why?

"Although Brooks said everything about the incident was aboveboard, he also pledged this week not to do it again, to avoid the appearance of impropriety.''
"I know how it must look and I will not do it again," Brooks said.
I suppose if anyone ever accused the Journal of ignoring the
appearance of impropriety, they can point to this article as an
example of a time they stepped up and reported the truth.

In comparison to what the Journal will not investigate and
report upon;
  • the Caswell Report and the cover up of corruption in the APS Police Department,
  • Brooks' complicity or complacence regarding the denial of due process to whistle blower complaints,
  • Brooks' abdication from senior-most administrative role model of the student standards of conduct, and
  • his obfuscation of a district wide administrative audit
the driveway plowing seems to me, to be inconsequential.
The Journal is still turning a blind eye to serious problems in
the APS, apparently for no reason except to provide cover
for Winston Brooks and Marty Esquivel.

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