Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Martinez Brooks meeting.

Governor Martinez and APS Supt Brooks had their meeting.
Also attending, Marty Esquivel and Hanna Skandera.

Not in attendance; any other legitimate interest holders
including the press. From the Journal this morning, link.

"The governor had every right to ask the tough questions regarding how our district operates," Esquivel said. "She had very specific questions, even right down to certain high schools. And those are fair questions to ask, and I think the citizens of the state of New Mexico elected her to ask those questions and I think it's our duty to answer them."
Interest holders have rights too. We have the right to participate meaningfully in the deliberative discussion of our interests. We had a right to hear the "tough" questions and Brooks' and Esquivel's responses to those questions.

By Esquivel's own admission, he and Brooks had a duty to answer tough questions. The problem is that Esquivel thinks he only has to answer tough questions when he is sitting in the Governor's Office, and not when he is sitting at the dais facing the podium during the public forum.

Esquivel's illegal restraining order against me, prohibiting me from asking "tough" questions during the public forum, remains in force and it is still the intention of APS' Chief of Police Steve Tellez to arrest me if I attempt ever again, to exercise my rights to free speech and to petition my government at an APS School Board Public Forum.

The Journal, KRQE, KOAT, and KOB still refuse to investigate and report upon the illegal restraining order or the circumstances that precipitated it.

I blame;
Editor Kent Walz and the Journal,
News Director Sue Stephens and KOAT TV,
News Director Julie Szulczewski and KOB TV, and
News Director Iain Munro and KRQE TV.

photo Mark Bralley

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