Thursday, March 24, 2011

APS, is another audit the answer?

Though a long time advocate of an independent district wide audit of APS' leadership and managerial skills, I have come around to a different way of thinking. Perhaps there have been audits enough, and the real problem is that the leadership of the APS ignores findings (which is itself a recurrent audit finding).

Consider the latest audit of APS' leadership and management practices, link. It is as damning as it could possibly be; what more proof could anyone need of the ongoing incompetence (corruption) in the leadership of the APS?

The solution; an audit review; hire an independent audit team to examine the findings of every audit done in the last 12 years (the time this year's senior class has been denied a first class education due to administrative short comings).

Auditors must report directly to the public not to administrators and board members who have a need to hide their own incompetence and corruption. The auditors will report to interest holders, upon recurring findings and the administrative failure to address them.

This audit review would be relatively inexpensive as the facts have been gathered already. It could also be completed within a very short time frame.

The only thing missing; the character and the courage necessary to begin the disclosure.

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