Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brooks thinks he can sue taxpayers for more money for the APS

APS Supt Winston Brooks is contemplating suing the legislature for more money for the APS.

On top of that outrage; he steadfastly refuses to prove to taxpayers, that he is spending efficiently, the tax dollars he already gets.

How arrogant is that?

No efficiency audit; no more money.

No standards and accountability audit, no more money.

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Anonymous said...

Insiders at the Towers suggest that Brookes is doing this to strongarm the media into quietly finding more money for APS, as the state fear bad press during election times.
If you remember last year, when Brooks proclaimed he wanted to extend the high school plan to 5 years, the state gave Monkey Brooks some kind of banana and he shut up.
Both are dirty, seedy strong-arm tactics that Brooks often employs instead of being straightforward and transparent.
He would have made a great Nazi official with these tactics.