Tuesday, October 26, 2010

APS Audit Committee Agenda not posted

APS' Audit Committee is meeting tomorrow, and the agenda is still not posted.

I honestly cannot remember seeing an agenda for any board meeting, that was posted before the very last minute under the law, many have been posted with fewer than the 24 hour notice required by law, and in clear violation of the law.

When the agenda is posted, it will not include a discussion of whistle blower complaints. Board Policy requires the Audit Committee to "review and approve" any whistle blower complaint. They have yet to review and approve of even one.

It is logical to assume that most of the hundreds of complaints were filed against administrators. The complaints were adjudicated their fellow administrators. Executive (School Board) review of administrative self policing, is a critical check and balance. The refusal of the Audit Committee to live up to its responsibilities and obligations under School Board Policy amounts to a monumental betrayal of the trust placed in them by the community and every single person who filed a whistle blower complaint against an administrator.

If APS Supt Winston Brooks was confident that the claims had been handled ethically, he wouldn't need to hide the adjudications.

Just as, if he was confident that the APS Police Department had handled their investigation of corruption in their own senior leadership, he wouldn't need to hide the report from the independent investigator.
Just as, if he were not ashamed of his failure to step up as a role model of the student standards of conduct, he wouldn't have to hide APS' entire character education effort.

APS is hiding a lot of information from stakeholders.

There is only one reason to hide the truth. They are ashamed of, embarrassed by, and lack the simple courage to acknowledge the truth about their conduct and competence.

If there were a reason to hide the truth, beyond their lack of character and courage, they would point to it. It does not exist.

If Journal Editor Kent Walz could offer any excuse what so ever, for the Journal's failure to investigate and report upon the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS, he would. If for no other reason, than to get me off his back.

If he could look his readers in the eye, and tell them there is no ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS, why wouldn't he?

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