Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rigo Chavez is not going to email to me, the identity of the School Board members on the Tampa junket.

He tells me, in a phone message, that he wrote the names down on a piece of paper and he had the paper. Further, he told me, he would be willing to read the list to me over the phone or, I could arrange to visit him inside the Castle keep, and read the list for my self.

He will not email their names.

He doesn't respond by email.

He refuses to surrender public
records electronically.

It "... isn't his practice ..."

He is a records obfuscation
wizard, and well paid for it.

I expect that the answer to my other questions;

  1. how much is the Tampa junket costing? and
  2. who's paying for it?
will be just as hard to come by.

I could sue for them I suppose, but why should I have to?

Not to mention that the Courts are their home field;
it's hit or miss even with the best possible case.

Trust me; there is nothing in the law that will allow any APS administrator or board member to be held accountable for obfuscating the surrender of public records.

With Modrall lawyers and a large bore pipe line to public education dollars to underwrite their litigation, it is a certainty.

So is Rigo a rogue administrator; is he out of control;
or does he do what Champion of Transparency
Winston Brooks
tells him to?

And Journal Editor Kent Walz still sees nothing,
hears nothing, and reports nothing.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

They cancel yet another meeting and fly out to florida while teachers are trying to teach in overcroweded class rooms with no supplies, no support, and constant bashing, priceless.

Anonymous said...

Is this the new version of the "Inn of the Mountain Gods" we saw here over the years?
Who is sponsoring this? They should at least reveal that!