Tuesday, October 19, 2010

APS Board off on Florida Junket

Four APS Board Members, a quorum, are going to Tampa Florida to attend "training", link.

My questions about who is going and who is paying for the junket, were ducked and have been referred to APS Director of Communication Rigo Chavez.

I have emailed for his assistance;

Mr Chavez,

I am told it is you who will tell me about the board training in Tampa.

I would like to know;
who is going; executive, administrative, and staff,
who is presenting, and
who is paying? how much?

I prefer that you answer by email and at your earliest convenience.

Since it is "not his practice" to answer legitimate questions timely, candidly, forthrightly and honestly; it may be some time before the truth is finally revealed.

In the meantime, I would like to know if there are board members whose terms will end in February, Marty Esquivel, Robert Lucero, and Delores Griego, who are helping themselves to a little trip to Florida, knowing the "training" they receive will leave with them in four months.

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