Friday, October 15, 2010

Brooks seeks advice from students.

The Journal reports, link, that APS Superintendent Winston Brooks has assembled a bunch of teenagers to guide his decision making. Students were not deemed capable of electing their own representatives to the group, which was instead, appointed by administrators.

The Journal did not report it when the leadership of the APS

  • dissolved the Citizens Advisory Council,
  • promised to replace it with "something better" and,
  • replaced it with nothing at all.
The Journal has not reported that there is no Teachers Advisory Council, never has been, and never will be. This despite the fact that APS teachers share between them, more than 70,000 years of teaching experience.

The Director of the APS Research Development and Accountability Division freely admits that the leadership of the APS has never surveyed teachers and asked them; what is wrong and, how what can the administration do to help.

Now, we have an otherwise completely powerless group of people, from whom Brooks will take his lead.
"Brooks said the group will soon undertake the serious business of advising him on budget cuts and other topics."
And now, the money line. Brooks admitted said;
"My experience is that school board members will probably listen to (students) more than they listen to me,"
Which begs a question; if school board members listen to
students more than they listen to their superintendent,
whom they pay more than $250K a year,
does this point to a problem in the leadership of the APS?

duh! !!

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