Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not your average kid

These are a few of the students on APS Supt Winston Brooks' SuperSAC, link; his Student Advisory Council.

None appear to be members of a gang.
None look like they will drop out before graduation.
None appear to be armed, stoned, or chronically disruptive.

None appear to be suffering from any of the ailments of
the students who are being failed by the APS.

Honestly, they look more like the kind of kids who bullies pick on because they're taking their educations seriously.

They will look great in photographs with Winston Brooks.

As far as getting council from those who might offer some
real insight into the issues of public education, Brooks has
chosen to not have; a Parents Advisory Council,
Citizens Advisory Council, or Teachers Advisory Council.

Perhaps his SuperSAC advisors know some students who are struggling, and can therefore advise Brooks on how best to address their needs. Else, they will be of little constructive use.

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