Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brooks stiffs FOG, gets award anyway.

The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government
has asked nicely, and still, APS Supt Winston Brooks,
dba APS Custodian of Public Records Rigo Chavez,
refuses to surrender public records of corruption in the
APS Police Department.

And now, he isn't even responding to their emails.

The NM FOG still plans to give Brooks a Dixon Award;
their highest honor for champions of transparency in government.

They will honor their champion at the next School Board Meeting, November 3rd.

One can forgive most of the leadership of the NM FOG for
allowing their most prestigious award to be conferred upon
a man who is mocking their impotency. They were, I think,
hoodwinked by the likes of Marty Esquivel and Kent Walz.
The rest of the board let their guard down and got bamboozled.

One can forgive them their misplaced trust.

One cannot forgive so easily that, they found out they were
misled, they're going to pretend nothing happened and
give him the award anyway.

They cannot summon the character and the courage to admit
they make a mistake, and then rectify it. Instead they will
allow the Dixon Award to be dishonored.

Their names can be found here; link.

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