Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fill it, or kill it.

There once was an elective class for boys who believed they would thrive in an all boys classroom, link.

By any good and ethical measure, the class was successful;
it was hugely successful.

Because it was an elective class, the teacher was obligated to find students to fill seats. If an elective teacher cannot fill all the seats, the class is killed. It is killed independent of whatever success it had, or would have.

I pay pretty close attention to the APS, and I don't remember any effort made by the leadership of the APS to recruit students to this golden opportunity. I would not hesitate to bet that, had any attention at all been paid to the empty seats on APS expensive new website, the class would have filled. It might have over filled. There might now be two classes, or more.

Does anyone really believe that there are not 30 ten year old boys in the entire APS who would make their way to this class? (Update, according to an op-ed from the leadership, he only needed 22 to make his class)

The Journal has not reported the whole truth about this,
I believe, in deference to APS senior administrators who
would rather not be held accountable for their indefensible

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