Friday, October 22, 2010

Denish. Rules are for fools

Apparently, there was an agreement between the parties in the debate last night, that no "props" would be brought on stage.

At approximately 24 minutes after the hour, Lt Gov Diane Denish pulled out a folded piece of paper that she had secreted in her jacket pocket, and then introduced its contents into the debate.

Were this egregious disregard for the rules not bad enough, she then pretended to be reading from the paper, when in fact, she was substituting her own pejorative terms for the ones that were actually on the paper.

When Susana Martinez called her on her blatant breach of the rules, Denish ducked and did not respond.

Moderators Tom Joles and Nicole Brady, sadly, ignored the breach and their duties as moderators.

Although Denish did this in plain sight and unashamedly,
there will be no consequences to her or her candidacy.

Which begs a question, if her disregard for the rules is so blatant when she is "vulnerable" as a candidate, what heights will her disregard reach if she finds herself invulnerable behind the power of the Office of the Governor?

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Anonymous said...

I usually vote Democrat, though I am an independent.
The NM democrats are so out of touch with the citizens of NM that they do not know how much we dissaproved of their endorsement of Denish, which would carry non the disgraceful legacy of Richardson.
I don't say this easily, long ago I was a great fan of Richardson. Somewhere he went dark, secretive and wrong. Denish did nothing to criticize, nor "out" him, and still won't. Other Lt. Governors have stood up to their corrupt governors, why not her?
This is a shameful choice the Democrats made, and it is biting them on their asses, and will continue to do so, like her breaking these rules.
Truth to tell I don't think either candidate, Denish or MArtinez, is a popular choice with the people, and you were, in the end, correct to have supported Arnold-Jones.