Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brooks gets leadership award

APS Superintendent Winston Brooks has been recognized for his "leadership in education", link. The award was made by "De Colores, an Albuquerque non-profit which organizes a number of events during Hispanic Heritage Month ..."

Aside from the fact that Gov Bill Richardson was also recognized, we know nothing about the award. No mention is make of who else was in the running or what the criteria were that differentiated Brooks from the also ran. There was no mention of anything he or Richardson might have done to actually earn any award.

If Brooks is a leader at anything, it is at getting good press for a floundering school district; not much of an accomplishment considering the cover the local media is willing to give him. Since that endeavor is dishonest at its heart, an award for such can't be worth much in the over all scheme of things; just like the NM FOG's Dixon Award for "champions of transparency". It may have been prestigious once, but with its award to Brooks, it is no longer.

All these awards are beginning to stink; just a bunch of good ol' boys taking turns slapping each other on the back, independent of any real accomplishment with regard to the subject of the award.

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