Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too much corruption to cover?

I sent an email to R. Braiden Trapp, the Managing Editor of the Rio Grande SUN. I had been steered toward him as a man who was unafraid of exposing corruption.

In fact, he was recently honored by the NM FOG, with the same Dixon Award being given to APS Supt Winston Brooks.
The difference being that, Trapp actually deserves his award.

I asked him if he had any interest on doing a story on the corruption in the APS. I forewarned him that the investigation would illuminate problems in the leadership of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, who is currently honoring Brooks as their champion of transparency, in utter disregard of the reality of his obstruction of transparency.

sits on the Board of Directors of the NM FOG.

He responded;

"Sorry, I can't cover all the corruption in our area.
I can't go to Albuquerque."
I reminded him that I had offered to make my way up to Espanola to meet with him.

He did not respond.

photo Mark Bralley

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