Thursday, October 14, 2010

APS/Esquivel to extend Malott contract

The APS School Board will vote tomorrow, link, to extend a contract, link, with Meyners + Co, link, a local firm.

has been tied to the pay to play scandal in Santa Fe, link.

is led by one Bruce Malott.

Malott is a friend and client of APS School Board President Marty Esquivel.

Esquivel is defending Malott, link, against allegations stemming from the corruption and incompetence in the investment of state pension plans. Malott is being sued by Frank Foy, former New Mexico Educational chief investment officer, on behalf of the state.

This represents two conflicts of interest for Esquivel,
about which he is apparently unwilling to answer legitimate questions; link, link.

The conflicts of interest should have compelled Esquivel to recuse himself from any votes to steer APS' business to his friend and client's accounting firm.

I suspect that Esquivel has not, and will not, recuse himself,
though proof will be as hard to find as are any public records
in the hands of the leadership of the APS.

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