Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the trib mentions the audit

the rift between the journal and trib grew wider with a trib editiorial last night. while the journal is still hoping for a mayoral take over of the school board and is yet to shine any light on Marty Esquivel's administrative audit proposal; the trib is at least publicly acknowledging the audit proposal. the audit has been mentioned twice now in the trib; once in an article by susie gran, and once in the editorial.

any public attention that is drawn to the audit is good. the more people who know about it; the less likely that everitt, et al, can kick the ball back off of the field.

on the down side, the trib offered no support for the audit. despite the crushing need and justification for the audit, the trib chose not to stand next to Esquivel in what is surely to be a knock down drag out brawl that will proceed an audit.

on a radio talk show last saturday, everitt endorsed the audit. her appearance on the show was obviously impromptu, and everitt was not prepared to deflect that audit question. she had little choice but to endorse the audit; though her intentions are clearly otherwise.

everitt's continued cover up of the gil lovato scandal, is substantial proof that she has no real intention of conducting an honest audit, either of lovato's administration, or of her own.

the trib needs to follow through by investigating and reporting on progress toward an audit. it has been nearly two weeks since the audit was announced publicly. in the intervening two weeks, everitt has given no official indication of any intention to follow through. her record with the gil lovato investigation does not bode well for any honest audit of aps leadership.

without public support for the audit, the audit and Esquivel will feel the wrath of aps' culture of retribution and retaliation for those who make waves.

the trib needs to stop dancing around in the batter's box;
and step up to the plate.

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