Thursday, March 08, 2007

stand up for what you believe in; even if you are standing alone.

never before in the history of the aps has anyone had the courage to actually kick the ball onto the field.

there is going to be an impartial audit of the leadership of the aps subject to, of course, the vigorous objections of everitt, lucero, maes, modrall, and the media.

the ball was kicked onto the field by freshman aps School Board Member Marty Esquivel.

the hard part is done.

in 1994, the school board unanimously endorsed the pillars of character counts as the standard of conduct for students and adults alike. that was the last time time the leadership of the aps ever again suggested on the record, that they are accountable to any standard of conduct at all.

until now. Marty Esquivel has stood up on the record to talk about honest accountability. he has requested an impartial administrative accountability audit.

no legislator is santa fe has stood on the record and requested an impartial audit of state government. no city councilor has stood on the record and requested an audit of city government. marty chavez will never sit for an audit of his administration of the public trust and treasure in city government.

a lot of public servants talk about someday creating a task force to study the feasibility of building an autonmous accountability robot to end corruption and incompetence in public service.

but until now, nobody has ever actually reached out and turned one on.

Marty Esquivel will defend the public interests in the aps by shining a light on their administration.

it is too bad that neither the journal nor the trib will ensure that Marty Esquivel's voter contituents know of his political courage. nor will they report to his community, on the personal courage it took to be the first to stand.

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