Thursday, March 22, 2007

board meeting no shows

those who have in the past, expressed their concern over the lack of accountability in the leadership of the aps, had an opportunity at the boardmeeting, to advance a positive and concrete solution to the problem; the audit.

bill richardson, who has written publicly about aps' earned state wide reputation for dodging accountability, was busy somewhere else.

marty chavez, who adovates a mayoral take over of the school board in justifiable reaction to an aps leadership that is unaccountable by any other means, was not there to speak for the audit. his personal agenda relies on the continued crisis and need for his intervention. an audit, and the subsequent resolution of the accountability issues, is exactly what he doesn't want.

teri cole, who represents the chamber of commerce, an outstoken advocate of character counts, apparently backs the mayor. it is still unclear, how the continued corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the aps works to the advantage of chamber members.

the journal, who occasionally restates the safe and obvious regarding the need for accountability reform in the aps leadership, continues to downplay the story. it is still unclear how their continued silence on the issue works to the advantage of readers. in fact, it clearly does not.

and the trib; is not yet in my driveway.

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