Friday, March 09, 2007

ethics reform in state government is unlikely.

according to an editorial in last sunday's journal,
"(ethics reform) is change that 90 percent of new mexicans want, according to a recent survey."

sloppy citation not withstanding; it is fair to assume that
a majority of new mexicans expect legislators
to protect public interests with transparent accountability.

and yet, nm legislators refuse to legislate accordingly.

it is because they expect not to be held accountable
for failing to hold themselves accountable for
their conduct and competence as public servants.

the same can be said for those who will oppose the proposed
aps administrative accountability audit.

the leadership of the aps claims a commitment
to community involvement.

as a token of that commitment, the leadership of the aps
absolutely could enable on the district's website;
an ethically moderated, user friendly public forum
on the issue of aps administrative accountability.

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