Saturday, March 03, 2007

honest accountability in aps

requires two things;

a standard against which conduct is measured

currently the aps leadership is accountable to the law.
they are accountable to the law in theory, but not in practice; proven by the(ir) public record.

and a principled resolution of allegations of misconduct
  • an impartial third party resolution of allegations;
  • beyond the influence of even the most powerful public servant;
  • and even against their will.

the leadership of the aps will not not defend any standard of conduct; nor will they provide an impartial resolution of allegations of misconduct.

they will not draw a line on conduct and competence in their public service; nor will they defend any line;
...not even in the public best interests.

assume that a middle school class in government was attending to this issue. and assume that they are waiting to see what will be done.

will they learn from anyone's example, will they watch anyone
draw a line in the dirt on conduct and competence
and then defend that line?

if we expect children to grow up to embrace honor and courage and character; then they must absolutely expect that we will show them what it looks like to stand in defense of
honor and courage and character.

it is shown only by our own honest accountability to a meaningful standard of conduct.

earned leadership by personal example.

is there no such thing as a senior role model in the leadership of the aps?

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