Monday, March 26, 2007

the journal, the trib, the cover up

when it was all still small; the journal and trib chose not to report upon the aps ethics and accountability scandal. we will never know why; perhaps it was as simple a personal favor between those of privilege.

now that the width and breadth of the lack of accountability in aps leadership is apparent; the journal and trib can't investigate or report upon it. at least they cannot report upon it without their readers wondering why it was never investigated and reported upon before.

even a credible report will illuminate the lack of credibililty of the city's two main news sources. they now have no choice but to continue to help cover up the truth.

and therefore, the community can not expect an investigation or credible reporting from either paper on any issue of substance;

  • the scandal in the aps police department,
  • the connection between aps and the modrall law firm,
  • an honest accounting of the uptown administrative complex,
  • the leadership's abdication as role models of the student standard of conduct,
  • and most importantly, the stonewalling of an administrative accountability audit which will expose once and for all, the betrayal of the public trust by the leadership of the aps.

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