Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is this about the message, or about the messenger?

A federal court judge cleared the messenger of wrongdoing, and ruled against Marty Esquivel numerous times.  The rulings are clear.

  1. I did not disrupt meetings, and 
  2. Esquivel violated my civil rights by banning me as if I had.  
That's all that needs to be said about the messenger.
I am not guilty and he is.

So why the continued attention and abuse of the messenger?

The attention and abuse from the local media;
  • the Journal, 
  • KRQE (Esquivel is their lawyer and they still haven't disclosed the conflict to their viewers, 
  • KOAT (who is yet to even cover Esquivel's squandering of $863,000.) and 
  • KOB.
comes in the form of endlessly repeating false allegations and letting people run wild with them.

As far as KOAT's on going refusal to inform the democracy goes, I blame Mary Lyn Roper for their relentless refusal to expose the ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS, 

She's been covering for their asses for a long, long time, link.

The "media" (they are not the "press" in any honorable use of the word) keep repeating Esquivel's allegations even though a judge has rejected them and he is able to offer no evidence to the judge to convince her otherwise.

As a result, people commenting on the backsides of their reports are clearly drawing the wrong conclusions from the reports.


In the first place, they're really pissed at me because I keep writing about their aid and abet in the cover up of the ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS.

On top of that, the heavy hitters in APS and media are all good friends.

Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz and Marty Esquivel have been besties for a long time.

They got together a few years ago, to bamboozle NM FOG's board of directors to giving their most prestigious hero of transparency award to former APS Supt Winston Brooks for working together to hide public records of findings of investigations into allegations of felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators.

Former APS school board president Paula Maes is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the New Mexico Broadcasters Assoc.  The appearance is that her affiliate stations are dancing to her tune too.

Maes doesn't want any of them reporting that she once said, she would never agree to any audit that individually identified incompetent or corrupt senior administrators (or for that matter, school board members).  The quote isn't exact. The meeting in which she said it, was videotaped - see Rigo.

It was at the same meeting that the good Marty Esquivel requested an administrative audit.  After Maes, response, his interest in administrative audits waned precipitously.

Interestingly, she and the president of the APS family law firm Modrall, were actually married to each other for a great deal of the time Modrall sucked at the teats of APS and taxpayers.  Currently, Modrall is taking in more than a million dollars a year from the operational fund*.
*The "operational fund" is money that would be spent in classrooms if it were not being spent instead on litigation and legal weaselry in order to allow school board members and senior administrators to escape the consequences of their incompetence or corruption.

Ridiculously large amounts of money are being traded for admissions on no guilt.  In my case, taxpayers spend $863,000 in order that Marty Esquivel could "admit no guilt" in denying me the free exercise of my rights under the First Amendment.
All that, and, they (the leadership of the APS and the media) want to distract you from the message;
the lack of oversight over the spending of public resources is so egregious that one school board member can spend $863,000 and nobody was paying enough attention to stop him.  His non-viable defense of his ego has been non-viable since the day this whole thing could have been settled without any litigation at all.

Keep your eye on the message;
the messenger has been exonerated of wrongdoing.

photos Mark Bralley

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